A Tribute to Thee ‘O’ Darkness~

Gypsy Queen

April 13, 2013

A noble tribute to thee ‘O’ darkness’

Piercing dawn, thee do foray onto dusk,
thou bestow nightmares in brightness-
exalt! Thy command of righteousness…


Dreams! Startle, rouse and fumble…
external world unfurls, indeed humble,
dancing shadows chant hymns, mumble
on wounded knees pray ‘pardon feeble?’


Mercy ‘O’ Darkness, bequeath relief,
Oh! laments our ‘spirits in utter grief’
behold rusty trails that oft jingle,
bizarre chains, mystic mantras mingle!


Flickering candle confined, thus whispers,
‘Fear not the darkness, tis not listless’
thy light fetches thee, ‘virtues priceless’
‘Emancipate truth, signifies darkness!’