Foetus Cries

Shubhendra Singh

September 12, 2012

Wrapped in the stains of illegitimate red,

The foetus from Romani’s womb said,

“Are you also victim of your mother’s misdeed?”

Alas! , said Katyaini “I am dad’s unwanted breed.”


“What made your mother dump you down the drain?”

“She lacked the courage to bring up an angel, void of father’s reign.”

He ran away after that night’s sexual explore.”

“My birth would have marked Romani a whore.”


Trickling tears of sorrow avers, “How you have a name without being born?”

“Katyaini would have stamped my existence, when sonograph strike the death horn”

“Daddy made mommy cry until her tears dried.”

“At last she went green to kill me, after she tried and tried.”


“But you could have been brought up without a father.”

“You could have lived a benevolent life., “said the dead daughter.

“This harsh world would have unleashed the words slaughter.”


The world is a dual faced demon.

Here love and care are showered but with a reason.

A child is same in any attire it comes to womb of mother,

It’s just destiny to be with or without father.


A massacred “evil angel” is the name slapped by the harsh world,

It hides the ghastly act in the bloody curls.

A dead human will get rebirth, nurturing a doubt will ever a dead foetus break through this dirt.


So heinous is the sound of pain when the foetus cries.

“Katyaini , the blood mark looks dry.”

“However the marks of brutality will never die.”

In the grief and pain, foetus cries.

  • Shalini Kataria

    Beautiful poem that touches you to the core. One of your best till now Shubhendra! Please keep writing always…there is a rare senstivity in your writings

    • Shubhendra Singh

      ma’am…u really get me going

  • Guest

    This beautiful poem has touched my heart to the core. Many congratulations to Shubhendra for writing such a sensitive piece of poetry!!

    • Shubhendra Singh

      thanx :-)

  • Shubhendra Singh

    thanx alot:-)

  • Chander Mohan Bijalwan

    ”Awesome bro….intense and reality of this dual faced demon world….great work, keep on writing wish you all the best for your future. cheers”

    • Shubhendra Singh

      thanx chander:-)

  • Kamana Singh

    Shubhendra i really feel glad that u a boy, have the sensetive thoughts in your mind which reflect through ur writing congrate n god bless u i m realy happy 4 u .

    • Shubhendra Singh


  • Shruti Kaushik

    proud of you my friend… :)

    • Shubhendra Singh

      Thanx shruti

  • bhuvnesh

    it made me cry

    • Shubhendra Singh

      Thanx bhuvnesh,,,,,saw the comment today:-)