Just Passing Through

Brigitte Arora

August 08, 2012

When singing your song of triumph

Of happiness and complacency

When your senses are filled with an abundance of delights

And the days are yours for the taking

Will you remember then

That the time of your just-passing-through will arrive?

Will you then pack the abundance-of-your-delights

And take them with you?


When within the swaying pendulum of space and time

You find yourself a companion of darkness and despair

Forgotten then will be the song of your triumph

your summer days of laughter and delight

Forgotten the gifts inherent in the treasures of mortal life

Will you remember then that you’re just-passing-through

And that your earthly time-of-being

Is short and precious and not to be squandered?


What purpose, your solitary tears and dark nights of aloneness

Which cast gray, shadowed days with intermittent sunlit paths?

Are not these, the jewels in your thorny crown

Which fortify your essence

And ripen the seeds of your possibilities?

Are they not the mortar binding your journeys into Time

Where your warrior’s grit, chisels through obstacles of stone

Within the time bound cellular structure of your opportunities?


When within the darkness of the matter-bound shadow of your Being

You reach the ending of your days

Longings-of-remembrance for the Transcendent-Ocean-of-Home

Begin to beckon with a heartbeat full of Joy

Knowing The Oneness-of-Starlit-Beings await your coming-of-return

With Open Arms and Unconditional Love

Bittersweet, the poignant sadness in the foretaste of an earthly goodbye

It was but a dream, full of the moving wonders of earth, sea and sky.