‘An Introduction to Transformational Psychology’

Brigitte Arora

April 20, 2012

The focus of Transformational Psychology is to unearth and bring forth into our awareness, the presence of an immortal Being that exists beyond our personality.  It is this Being who we really are. Through the methods of this psychology we can establish a permanent connection with our immortal Being. The personality that we believe our self to be is only a mortal shadow in a physical body created so that we can exist for some time in this world of time, space and duality. We embark on our journey of discovery and transformation in order to awaken to the fact that we are an unfinished species that still lives mostly within the consciousness of the animal kingdom. The goal is to escape the animal consciousness by our transformation into a higher state of consciousness; that of our Higher Self.

It is only through our awakening that we become aware of the magnificence of our potential. We have no idea that we are more than our personality and the roles that we are “playing” on the stage of this life. We don’t know that we have the potential to become an autonomous Immortal Being of Light and Love. Nor do we know that the transformation needed to make this possible can only be done while in a physical body within this realm of duality. This is why our life here in this world is so important.

This evolutionary journey we are embarked on is to discover our inner self—that which is our psyche and our essence. Through a process of intense self-examination we will connect with and come to know the Higher Being that is concealed behind our role playing personality. It is only by discovering our unknown Higher Being, who is the core, the essence of who we really are—that we will begin to comprehend the reason for the spiritual journey that you are embarked on.

The method used by Transformational Psychology is a combination of kundalini meditations and in-depth analysis that will take us to the very roots of the problems we are trying to overcome. The foundation of this psychology is a spiritual one and the purpose is to Awaken us to who we really are. This is accomplished by using the adversities we are faced with in our daily life as a teaching tool that will ultimately lead us to a transformation and a more meaningful life. Through this method we will begin to make a series of successive emotional, intellectual and physical changes that will begin to free us from the animal traits and instincts that hold us captive to the Law-of-Nature

The lower self conscious Homo sapiens human-animal that we are, is only an actor on the stage of a temporary and illusory life. This actor is only a mortal personality composed of an ego and a mind in a physical body. Our lower self personality is totally oblivious to anything outside of its fishbowl existence because we mechanically follow our innate animal traits and impulses. Until we awaken from this animalistic state we will remain confined and bound to our sleeping fishbowl existence. By using the method of Transformational Psychology we can begin to liberate our self from the ignorance and darkness of this lower-self consciousness state.

This psychology is an integral practice that includes the cleansing of all the parts of our Beingness; the psyche and the body. This cleansing process is activated and directed by the Kundalini power. This power fuels and accelerates our transformation, from the human-animal that we are, to that of a more spiritualized being called the Higher Self.  Through a succession of transformative stages our lower self’s vibrational frequency is gradually purified until it is attuned to the vibrational frequency of the Higher Self consciousness. This Higher Self is the next stage in our evolutionary growth.

We will discover a new Being within us, one that possesses far more potential then we could ever have imagined. We will be guided by our Higher Self into taking the needed steps and actions that are necessary for escaping the confines of our fishbowl existence. We must learn how to tune in to the call of our Higher Self and then surrender to the promptings It gives us. It is then, when once connected and in communication with our Higher Self, that our transformation will begin to gather speed. Our Higher Self always hears our calls and always responds to them; though not always when or how we expect.

By actively incorporating our newfound realizations into daily life, existence here will become more meaningful, because spiritual growth not only transforms our inner life but also our outer. We will attain to a greater balance and understanding of our self and also of those around us. Continuous growth will bring forth more hidden potentials and creative powers. We will become more conscious of why and when we must make a change in our life in order to continue to experience health and happiness.

The fear of the unknown, the fear of change and of personal repercussions from those we know and from society at large, keep most of us rooted within our comfort-zones, even if our existence is meaningless, full of misery and strife. But it doesn’t need to be like that! Do you have the courage to become your potential?

Ask your self these 2 questions:

First question:  Who is this I that I think myself to Be?

Second question:  Who is asking?