What is Kundalini?


Brigitte Arora

April 13, 2012

The Kundalini is the power that sustains and regulates our life force and the driving power that fuels our transformative evolutionary journey.  Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that means coil; coiled like a snake. Throughout human history, Kundalini has been represented by the symbols of the serpent, fire and the snake. When the snake is shown as coiled it represents Kundalini in Her dormant state. When shown coming out of the top of the head, it symbolizes the field of energy of a risen Kundalini.

The Kundalini is active in all life forms. She usually lies in a near dormant state in the perineum where it is held stable and secure at the sacrum on the spinal column. Through various practices such as meditation, yogic disciplines, drugs or through a shock, She can suddenly awaken and begin to rise upwards along the spine where her main targets are the seven psychic centers.  Her work is to cleanse and to transform the organs and all the other systems that compose the body and our psyche. The ultimate goal of the Kundalini is to transmute the physical body of a present species into a newer and higher form. The transformation to a new consciousness and a new body occurs when the vibration of the old body is transformed to a higher vibrational frequency.

The benefits of a rising Kundalini are that our physical and mental health can be improved by the cleansing of toxic negativities that are lodged in our psyche and our body. Our spiritual development can be accelerated to the point, where what might take centuries, can be accomplished in one life time or even in the next moment. It all depends on what rung of the evolutionary ladder one is presently situated. A rising Kundalini raises the level of our consciousness and thereby also our awareness. We then attain the ability to understand our self better and those around us. A person’ creative powers and intellectual abilities are greatly enhanced. A fully risen Kundalini can lead to Self-Realization and the ability to enter altered states of consciousness, such as Cosmic Consciousness, the Mystic State and other transcendent realms. The direction the Kundalini takes depends on our level of spiritual consciousness.

The downside to a rising Kundalini, especially a sudden full rising, can lead to a ‘blown out” nervous system, brain damage and to a total unbalance of the personality from which one may never recover. It can also lead to ego enhancement instead of spiritual development. When newly activated powers from a rising Kundalini do not become spiritualized but are taken over by a person’s ego, then these new powers can be used to create much damage; not only to oneself but also to others and society at large.

A controlled rising of the Kundalini power accelerates our spiritual growth, releases the potentials and powers that remain locked up within us and adds greatly to the quality of our mental, emotional and physical health. But this must be done only with the help of an experienced guide; one who has experienced and understands the powers and the dangers inherent in the Kundalini energy.